Question: its sad to see scientists get evicted im sure you wouldnt want to be evicted. why do you think people should vote for you and how will you use your prize money?????:)

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  1. It is really sad. i’ve enjoyed getting to know these guys a bit over the course of the competition and i love that i’ve made it to the final, because it meant i got to answer more questions and do more chats and get involved with all of you guys, it’s been so fun i don’t want it to stop.

    I know a couple of guys who run the mobile science education unit, and they are taking their hands on shows and workshops for all ages to the more regional parts of south australia this year. I am not only hoping to use the money to go with them to get meet some students hands on and talk to kids about what it’s like to be a real life scientist wh gets paid to do all this cool fun stuff, but i always want to sponsor some shows out there, particularly in schools which couldn’t afford to have them, or maybe get something orchestrated so several schools in the area can get to one show nearby as classes aren’t so big in these schools

    That’s what i want to do, because i think it is really important that every kid gets a chance to meet scientists and have them show them and let them participate in the fun that is science, and it sucks that these kids miss out because of the cost and time commitment required to get scientists out there. If i win, i will give up my time to go and help Lee and David put on shows, and I am so dying to do this. I have already had the chance to participate in similar schemes run here in Adelaide going to schools in poorer areas and the students just loved it. I want to see those looks of joy and excitement on kids in the country too! If you want that to happen, just hit the vote button on my page.


  2. Thanks for asking this question turtle3, scientist sophie and ally11. We all tried to do our best in answering your questions during or outside chat sessions. You guys clearly showed your interest by asking many questions. I have to confess that I found some of the questions quite challenging. My ultimate goal in this event has been to inspire you with the excitement and importance of science and no prize is worth more than seeing you guys passionate about science.
    Now why should you vote for me?
    Please vote for me if you enjoyed and appreciated my work in prevention of cardiovascular diseases,
    Vote for me if you shared my enthusiasm and passion for science
    Vote for me if you support me for being the only scientist doing synthetic biology in Australia
    Vote for me if you like to see me keep “hacking the biology of diseases” for a better and healthier future.
    Vote for me if I inspired you in any way to evoke importance of science in you.

    How will use the prize money?
    I established first-ever synthetic biology team made of young and ambitious students who share my passion and vision for science. Synthetic biology is a multidisciplinary field combining molecular biology, genetic engineering, computer science and many other fields and it aims to design, construct and create new biological systems inspired by but not found in nature for the benefit of public and environment. Synthetic biology is our future. Since 2010, together we have been representing Australia in the most prestigious synthetic biology competition which is held by the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). We won 1 bronze and 2 silver medals so far. It is not just a competition, it is a community. Check out our original iGEM 2010 team website to find out more about our team and project:
    Since 2010, every year our team grows so does our ambition. This year we are aiming to bring a gold medal to Australia. In order to do so we have to fulfil one of the most important aspect of this competition which is “human practice”. Human practice requires a vast variety of public engagement, awareness and education activities to promote science. In previous years, we did quite number of events in NSW. We didn’t only visited high schools to demonstrate some cool experiments, we invited really curious and passionate students to come and visit our labs and spend a full day with us participating in real experiments. We received super encouraging feedback, your peers loved it. However this year we want to carry out a high scale event not limited to NSW only but an activity which we can perform in other states including VIC, QLD, ACT and SA. We are also planning to organize a science boot camp for really enthusiastic students from various school across Australia. In order to do all these, we need money, a lot of money. $1000 may not seem that big but you can’t imagine what it means for us we are all students and need every penny in order to achieve our goals. Therefore, if I win the prize, the money will be used to successfully organise above-mentioned activities. Who knows maybe you might be one of the students who will end up in our science boot camp…
    To finish off, I want to send you guys this youtube video explaining synthetic biology and iGEM competition which is made by our 2012 team members. Also this is my debut video as director 😉 I hope you enjoy it.


  3. I’m so nervous at eviction time. This has been an amazing experience and I’m glad I get to still up here up until the last day.

    I applied to be part of this program because in the last 4 years since I’ve been back to uni and working in science I have loved every minute of it and I wanted to share that with all of you. I didn’t like science at school and I wonder if I had participated in a program like this at school, it may have opened my eyes to what you can do with science and I may have gotten here sooner! I really hope you all see that scientists can have really diverse careers. All of us on here work in biology but we are doing really really different things.

    I hope that people vote for me because they can see my enthusiasm and love for what I do. I hope that you vote for me because you like my answers to the questions – or the associated facts i added – and found them helpful. I hope you vote for me because you found value in my help on this program.

    With the money I want to go to schools to talk about science and DNA. The number of people getting cancer at some point in there life is growing. Its almost 1 in 2 now and we still have a really long way to go before we can start treating a lot of them well. At the core of every cancer, there is a problem either with the DNA itself – from mutations – or, with the way DNA is regulated. Most people don’t understand that DNA is regulated and the way it works can change. It is really dynamic. I want to help give kids a basic understanding of DNA and how it works.

    I think it is important that everyone has a basic understanding on DNA because of,
    1. The likelihood of getting cancer is high, and
    2. We are moving in a direction where treatments are tailored to your DNA and your own uniquie variations and cancer

    You would think it is a good thing that we are starting to tailor treatments to individual cancers and it is. But it also opens the door for discrimination and people missing out on a treatment which might help them. Health Insurance companies knowing your DNA may also affect your ability to get health insurance.

    By giving kids an understanding of DNA, how it works and how it can impact your treatment, i hope to make you better informed and perhaps make cancer not sound as scary or unknown.