Question: do you think you will win

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  1. Nope, I have no idea who will win, and the fact that it was a tie for today’s eviction makes it impossible to even begin to guess.

    Whoever wins will have worked really hard to get there. So if you have a favourite, you’d better vote, and make sure your classmates vote too, because we don’t want another tie tomorrow do we?


  2. I am very happy that I made it ’til the end so that I can answer more of your questions. I really don’t know who will win but my goal in this event has been to inspire as many students as possible with the excitement and importance of science and university research. Even if I manage to make some of you think about studying science in the future, then it would be the best prize I could get from here. However, if you guys make me the winner with your votes, then my synthetic biology team will be very happy because the money will be used to sponsor more students to represent Australia in international synthetic biology competition.


  3. I would love to win and I’m so happy I have made it this far!

    Both Miranda and Yagiz have been amazing as well. I’m glad it is you guys deciding and not me!