Question: What are the rest of the body's systems appart from the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respetaroy, digestive and the reproductive system? And what they do! We learnt all those ones at school

  1. Hi lulu.

    Those are the main body systems, there are a few smaller systems that are subgroups of those ones you listed.

    For example, the immune system, which can be grouped under the circulatory system, is very important in defending your body against infections.

    Another example is the integumentary system, which is made up of your skin, hair, nails and sweat glands that are important in protecting your body from physical and environment factors.

    The urinary system, which can sometimes be grouped with the digestive system, is made up of your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, and as the name suggests, is important in balancing the fluids in your body and excreting urine.

    A group of organs that work together to perform a specific function can be labelled as a system. We generally just go by the main ones that we learn at school 🙂


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    what are all the body systems.




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