Question: Where are our pressure points and why do they immobilize and hurt us more than other parts of our body?

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  1. Pressure points are defined as areas of the body that have high nerve density. The concentration of nerves in one area of the body results in hypersensitivity in that area where pressure can be applied to cause certain effects or sensations. Properly applying pressure to these spots can cause pleasure or relieve pain. These points also can be used to cause pain, injury or incapacitation.

    There is no real agreement for how many pressure points the body has or their exact locations some suggesting about 100, others thousands.


  2. I was interested in pressure points or acupuncture points, chi energy and similar concepts widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese / Chinese martial arts. However, no scientific investigation has ever found any histological or physiological correlates for these traditional concepts. Technically you can say a pressure point is an area concentrated in nerves.
    I’m sure you had a hit at a specific point on your elbow that gave you electrick shock kind of feeling. It is because of one particular nerce called the ulnar nerve which runs quite superficial to one part of the elbow. Due to this superficial location of part this nerve, it is not protected or padded by muscles, fat or other soft tissues making it prone to being “hurt” giving the electric like sensation. It is the same feeling you may get if someone presses certain areas of your body which are rich in nerves.