Question: How often do scientists find new diseases?


  1. That’s a hard question to answer Septox. I know in infectious diseases, scientists discover new strains of bacteria or virii every years which act slightly differently from the other strains in their species. We now have the technology to sequence an entire genome of bacteria or virii very quickly and in our own labs, instead of sending it away, so this is certainly speeding up the rate at which new strains are found.

    I know scientists are also discovering new genes which cause rare diseases at a much quicker pace too. but I couldn’t tell you the actual numbers being discovered each year.


  2. Septox every year scientists find thousands new species of bacteria however less than 1% of these newly found species “may” pose a health risk for humans.


  3. I think there will be times when scientists find diseases. Like Yagiz and Miranda said there are always new bacteria being discovered. We may also discover properties of certain chemicals and why it would make us sick.

    But nowdays, when people are ill they go to the doctor. Doctors often publish case reports of interesting or non-typical cases. Scientists that see these publications of something new can then use this information to investigate a new disease or process. So I think any new diseases are likely to be discovered by doctors when they see the patient first.