Question: How meany experments do you uthly get done in a day?

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  1. some days it’s only part of one experiment as they take can take up to a few months to complete. Some days i can fit in several shorter experiments. it just depends on what i need to get done naniasa and queenofflight.

    I must admit, i much prefer the days where i get several experiments done because i feel like i’m being very productive. But those long experiments are really important too. I guess thats we do a mix of both!


  2. Today I conducted 4 experiments which are part of a very large experiment I started on January. I have another one coming up, I have to conduct it at this midnight. Because it is a time-course experiment, I have to obtain record once in every 6 hours… The next one will be at 6am, then 12pm noon, 6pm and tomorrow midnight again… Sometimes I can only do one big experiment which takes hours. For instance if we are using rats or mice the whole experiment may take >12 hours. My highest record is 14hours non-stop (except 1hour break for lunch and toilet).


  3. My experiments generally take a week or two to complete. But I don’t need to spend a whole day each day on them. I usually have experiments running concurrently.

    Sometimes I’m doing a time course and need to measure things at 2, 6, 16 and 24hrs which can mean I’m here early in the morning and late at night and not have a lot to do during the day.