Question: What time do you guys get up and start work and why do u guys in joy your work

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  1. I live really close to the city, so i get up about 7:30am and start work at 9 most days and finish about 5:30pm. There are days when i need to start early if i know it will be a longer day and i have to be somewhere after work, and some days i start in time but work late. i’ve had to do 15 hour experiments. But the hours are a bit flexible. If you need to go into town to do something, then you can take more than half an hour for lunch, and simply work later. you don’t get that kind of flexibility in a lot of jobs.

    I enjoy my work because it is always fun and intersting. i am always learning something new, following my curiosity. I get to travel and see the world , meet scientists from all sort of countries, and i get the satisfaction that i am at least trying to do something which can make peoples lives better.


  2. I get up about 6am. I usually go to the gym first so i get to uni about 8-830am. I finish about 530-6pm most days and I’m home by 630pm. Like Miranda, my days can be flexible depending on what experiments I need to do.

    I love my work because I get to problem solve and learn new things. Its interesting and I get to do something different almost everyday. And I am learning about disease and helping people at the same time! To me there isn’t much to not love doing!


  3. @Miranda and Kate: Wow! Guys you have to tell me the secret of leaving work by 6pm…
    @ayden1watkins: I don’t have a fixed timetable to be honest. If I have taken an average of my annual wake up times, it would be around 7.30-8am. I live very close to Macquarie Uni, so it takes me 10-15 mins to cycle fro home to work. I start work around 9am and I usually stay until 8-9pm. For the last two weeks I finish work after midnight… (My partner is not happy about this but she is a scientist so she understands:))
    I think I am a bit ambitious and when I start something I can’t stop until I get a good result. When I ask a scientific question, I put all the effort to answer it and the funny thing is the process leading to answer is the part that I really enjoy as it is full of challenges, ups and downs. Eventually you get an answer (result); it might be something you are really looking forward to but once you have it that’s the end of journey. Then you ask another question and the journey starts all over again. Everyday there is a new thing to learn, more you learn more I realise that I know nothing… I have a crazy hunger for knowledge. (and knowledge is power;) )