Question: What made u relies that science was what you liked and what age where u


  1. I don’t know exactly when i realised i liked science. I was exposed to the fun hands on side of science from a young age thanks to the double helix club. i guess my parents knew before i did that i liked science and so signed me up. at some point in highschool i guess i connected the dots and realised it was all part of science. from there i kept enjoying it in school, so i decided i wanted to be a scientist, and that the human body and disease interested me the most.


  2. I was 25 and wanted to learn more about disease. I realised if I wanted to understand how disease effected our cells, I would need to go back to uni and do a science degree. Before this I had never considered studying science and I didn’t like science in high school.

    I went back to uni with a medical research career in mind and was determine to get there no matter how hard I had to work. It had been almost 10 years since I looked at science books when I went back to uni!


  3. Like most of the students I studies physics, chemistry and biology during school, I did experiments and wrote these boring prac reports, I studied hard, memorized stuff and passed the tests – nothing unusual. However I was reading really interesting books about genes and molecular biology, and I was so interested in all these movies which the initial super-hero character emerges out as a result of “genetic experiment” (like Hulk, X-men, Gattaca etc…). I though what I’m learning at school might be boring but maybe it is so different out there in a real lab. So I decided to take a summer project in a molecular biology lab. This was at the end of Year 9. First of all I wasn’t very impressed when I first walked into the lab because I was expecting super-duper cool equipment like automatic doors made of shiny metals, blue lasers everywhere or some weird green colour coming out of a weird organism… No it was nothing like that, it looked so ordinary actually. However I had already signed up for the project, and I didn’t want to quit just because of the looks. In two months, the way I was looking at things in life almost turned upside down, everything changed, for the first time things started to make sense. It all happened because for the first time I was exposed to real science. I was doing a very cool project at the same time reading many scientific papers (which I had a bit of trouble to understand at first go then I got use to it). I was learning too many things in such a quick time but my brain wasn’t only digesting all the knowledge but it got addicted to it, I wanted to learn more and more. Upon completion of my summer project – for the first time I knew exactly what I wanted from this life. I had a purpose… Science is awesome! I realized it at the end of Year 9. I wish I could realize it earlier…