Question: I'm getting 2 needles next Monday, the whooping cough and HPV. Do you know any secrets to make it not hurt?

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  1. good on you for getting your shots first of all. It’s a really important thing for everyone who can to have them. I don’t remember either of those hurting too much, it’s really just a bit of a pin prick then a bit of a sting because you are pushing liquid into the veins.

    The best trick is to distract yourself in some way. concentrate on counting backwards from 100, and look away, so you dont see it coming.

    I don’t like getting shots either (if you work with human blood samples you have to get extra ones, so i’ve had my share)

    any other advice guys?


  2. Luckily needle size really decreased compared to 20years ago, they are now able to make them thinner, so the pain is actually less. I think the only people that like needles are people using drugs, so fear is normal. I donate my blood once in every 6 months so I’d say I got use to needles now but I do this trick whenever I’m getting a shot. I don’t look at the needle, I look away, close my eyes and imagine I am being injected a warm water or chocolate into my veins to distract myself. It works for me. Couple of times I started laughing (when I start thinking these funny imaginations) just before the shot, the nurses looked at me as something is wrong with me but it relaxed me even more. So feel free to try and let me know how you go.


  3. My advice would be close your eyes or look away and think about something fun! Try and keep relaxed as well. I find it hurts more if my muscles are tense.