Question: Is it possible that allergies can fade or go away? How?

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  1. Allergies can disappear. Many people will have childhood allergies which disappear by adulthood. Whether or not you grow out of an allergy depends on what the allergy is and how severe the reaction is. Your doctor can do a skin scratch test to see if your reaction to the allergen has changed.

    Allergies are really complex and involved multiple genes and multiple environmental factors. I’m not sure of how these allergies go away. However, stress can be a factor.


  2. Yes it is possible depending on what allergy you have.
    Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to substances that are harmless to most people, but your immune system mistakenly believes them to be harmful to your body and responds by producing immunoglobin E (IgE) antibodies to fight off these “invaders.” An allergic reaction occurs when the IgE antibodies that are now in your body trigger the release of some chemicals to cause allergy symptoms. Allergic reactions are very individual. They can be mild or severe, vary from exposure to exposure, get better or worse overtime, and can sometimes be fatal. It is true that children sometimes outgrow their allergies. Although children do outgrow some allergies (i.e., dairy products, some fruits and vegetables), allergies that cause the worst reactions, such as anaphylaxis caused by peanuts, do not usually go away. So, it all comes down to what kind of allergies you have and not all allergies are equal.



  1. My friend had an allergy which faded away she became less allergic