Question: Do you know about the 'alice in wonderland" disease? illness? im not really sure what it is, but do you know of a cure?

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  1. i remember learning about this one in uni! really interesting stuff. we watched a video on it and it was fascinating

    as yet, there is no proven effective treatment for AIWS, but there are treatments for the possible causes listed.

    AIWS symptoms caused by migraines seem to lessen somewhat with the standard to changes to diet and lifestyle required to (help) prevent migraines, such as avoiding dark chocolate, red wine and strong cheese, keeping to a regular sleep pattern and avoiding hangovers and excess tiredness. Sufferers can also be given special drugs deisgned to target the causes of migraines, and this has been effective for some people.


  2. Where did you hear about Alice in Wonderland Syndrome Misszombie? I remember it from undergraduate. It is actually a neurological condition that distorts perception, causing disorientation and a warping of the senses. It can be triggered by an abnormal amount of electricity in the body, causing a change in blood flow in the brain. Signals sent from the brain to the eyes are disturbed resulting in a variety of symptoms including: hallucinations, lost sense of time and an altered self-image where certain body parts appear disproportionate to the rest of the body. Pretty much all the symptoms Alice had after drinking the shrinking potion.
    There is also another hypothesis named after the Red Queen of Wonderland. It is known as red queen hypothesis and used to explain evolution of bacteria.



  1. I heard of it from wikipedia lol!


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