Question: would you recommend this type of science to students that love science?


  1. if you mean medical research, then sure why not? If you are passionate about science that is a really good start. But you aren’t ever locked into anyone thing once you start a uni degree. It’s important to get a taste of research before you finish your degree. This could be through research projects which are part of some of the courses in the degree, or a summer scholarship, where they pay you a small amount of money to work full time on a project for two months. This is the best way to know if you really love medical research, and you still have time to change career direction if you don’t like it.


  2. I would recommend you to expose yourself into different fields of science which would tremendously help you to learn more about yourself and what you’d like to do the most. Generally speaking, I’d recommend every young scientist candidate to start with natural sciences where they will learn how to ask “scientific questions” and develop “critical thinking” skill before stepping into medical sciences. Miranda suggested a good way of familiarizing yourself with what we do. Sign up for summer projects where you’ll get paid to do work in lab. I started working in research labs when I started year 9. I was volunteering and trying out different labs – each taught me different skills. Also it is super cool to do research when you are going to high school. If you are living in NSW, I can help you to get you in a research lab in Macquarie Uni or Sydney Uni.


  3. Most definitely! I think it is so interesting! There is a huge range of career paths you can take just within medical research – just look at the range of scientists on IASAus!

    But so are lots of other fields of science that are really interesting too! I would recommend trying as many things as possible that will help you make a decision about what you want to be. Approach each field with an open mind cause you never know what you might find yourself loving! I didn’t realise I wanted to be a scientist until 7 years after I finished high school when I was more open to the idea of science as a career.