Question: Is it possible to be immune to swine flu????? The doctor said that apparently I am.......

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  1. When you are exposed to a virus or another infection, cells in your body called T cells recognise them as foreign and tell B cells to make antibodies against them. These B cells last for years so when you are exposed to the same infection, you can make antibodies more quickly and in larger numbers. This is how vaccines also work, although generally by exposing you only to a single protein which can be found on the surface of the bacteria or virus which makes them better than being exposed to the infection itself, as you don’t have to get sick to build up immunity.

    It is possible you were exposed to swine flu during the outbreak, but as you were healthy and young, your body launched a nice strong attack and you didnt get sick, or only had a slight sniffle, and now you have immunity. Doctors can test for this by taking some of your blood and checking if you have antibodies against swine flu.


  2. I agree with Miranda’s explanation. Many people do not have immunity to the current strain of Swine Flu. This is not unusual because most viruses alter as the virus season goes along. However most people simply don’t become sick because the issue is not the virus but susceptibility.
    If you had a shot against swine flu before or if you somehow exposed to the virus but overcame it since you had a healthy and strong immune system, your body might have produced necessary memory B cells which would recognize swine flu and attack it when necessary.
    Lucky you!