Yagiz "Biohacker" Alp Aksoy

Photo: Yagiz

Me and my Work: I am shedding “light” onto the blackbox of the cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory diseases taking synthetic biology and optogenetics approaches

Status: I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and interest in my research. No prize is worth more than seeing you all inspired with the excitement and importance of science. If you like to see me & my group keep "biohacking the diseases" for a better & healthier tomorrow, this is your chance to support us with your votes. Cast your Votes Now for Biohacker!

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Miranda Ween

Photo: Miranda

Me and my Work: How do superbugs recognise essential nutrients (metals) in their environment, and how can we use this against them?

Status: Thanks so much for your questions, concerns when i was sick, and most of all your votes! you've been wonderful guys. Make sure to ask your science teacher about National Science Week and keep asking yourself and the world "Why?"

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Katelin Haynes

Photo: Katelin

Me and my Work: I’m trying to learn more about ankylosing spondylitis, a disease where all the bones in your spine fuse together.

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Kate Skulte

Photo: Kate

Me and my Work: I’m working on a project that looks at the on and off switches for our genes in our DNA and their role in complex diseases like cancer and allergy.

Status: COngratulations Miranda! You did an amazing job answering all those questions!

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Cindy Lin

Photo: Cindy

Me and my Work: My research is in Multiple Myeloma, a type of blood cancer. I’m trying to find out what makes this disease worse in some patients than in others.

Status: Thanks to those who voted for me! It was good while it lasted. And thanks for all your questions! I had a great time!

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