Question: do you feel it is better to use man made drugs or herbal remedy to cure superbugs?

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  1. what you have to realise is that many of our antibiotics are actually made by the environment. Most of them are produced by fungi or other plants. so whilst you say they are man made, they aren’t really.

    Whilst many herbal products being sold in stores may claim to cure things, the truth is, most of them have not been test in a lab to find out if this is true. The university of Adelaide is in the process of establishing a new research centre to put many of these herbal treatments to the test and see if 1. they actually work 2. how they work 3. can we make them work better

    The compounds we are working on in our lab as potential new treatments actually come from the ocean! But the question you need to ask it, if the cure came from a plant or animal, would you want us to keep killing them to get the cure, or work out a way to “man make” them synthetically so we don’t have to harm the environment to get the drug?

    This is what has happened with many drugs on the market now. they are simply the same compounds found in the environment/animals made in a lab to avoid harming the environment.

    hope that helps you understand a bit more about what drugs actually are