Question: does that mean that in your work if you research is conclusive then maybe children in the future may be born with no phycical and mental defects causing a generation with no desieses or disabilities

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  1. Hi spunkymonkey899! Unfortunately my research won’t stop children being born without diseases. I hope from my work we can understand cancer better and improve treatments. To change our genes before we are born and do genetic work on embryos is currently illegal. There is are a lot of ethical considerations which prevent it.

    Gene therapy, is currently being worked on to repair damaged genes, but this is only something that can be done after you are born and will not effect the children that person has won;t be affected by the gene therapy they have received. Diseases which involved DNA can also occur sporadically after we are born with no family history. If we were able to repair damaged genes before a person was born we still can not stop sporadic damage.

    I do hope one day that we can cure a lot of diseases and prevent as many as possible.