Question: are there really two headed animals and if so how did it happen ?? much thanks :)

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  1. These are rare, but they do happen. it is not a trick. They are most common in reptiles like snakes and turtles. it is called polycephaly and it can happen in humans too! It usually occurs because something goes wrong as the embryo develops.

    a single fertilized egg splits into two embryos. This split can happen anytime after fertilization. There are two theories as to why conjoined twins form. If the split occurs more than twelve days post conception, the embryos may not fully divide and may form with a connection. Or, the “fusion” theory of conjoined twinning suggests that stem cells from one twin adhere to like stem cells from the other twin, fusing together and developing conjoinedly.

    Depending on where the embryos join is where the separation of the bodies will occur.


  2. Interesting question masterninja. There are indeed two headed animals. There are even 3-headed ones!
    Having more than one head which is known as “polycephaly” is actually a medical disorder which is defined by doctors as congenital cephalic disorders.
    There are usually two reasons which lead to polycephaly. Identical twins happen when a single egg is fertilized but then splits into two separate embryos.When they can’t split into two properly (mostly splitting starts from head) they end up having two heads but their body remains because it can’t finish splitting. The other reason is the egg sometimes achieves to split into two but later (due to unclear reasons) it fuses back to one.



  1. A two headed animal would be scary!