Question: How does ipod headphones, string and/or cords get tangled in your pocket or draws? how is this caused?

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  1. you know, i wish i knew! same goes with jewelry chains. always getting into tiny tight knots that takes aaages to get out

    I just try and avoid it by having special cord storage wraps, where you wrap them around it when you are done so they dont tangle.


  2. Much as I hate tangled up headphones/cables, I don’t know any better way then preferring wireless or semi-rigid flattened cables to use. I came across only one scientific study about this issue which scientists dropped flattened, flexible cables from different heights and in a parallel study they dropped flattened flexible cables with different lengths dropped from same height. What they found is the shorter the cable, lesser the chances of coiling. Dropping from different heights didn’t show a significant difference.


  3. This happens to me all the time! I wish I knew! I wind my headphone neatly, put them in my pocket. Then they are all tangled when I got to use them. How frustrating! Perhaps wireless headphone is the way to go?