Question: What is the biggest experiment you have done?

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  1. Biggest in the sense of the most time consuming was a rat experiment which took a clean 14 hours (non-stop).
    Biggest in the sense of the most exciting and important (results) was an experiment when I designed and constructed a colour light switch in E. coli. E.coli bacteria literally became a light switch, when you put it under normal light it glow green and when you put it to dark it immediately changes its colour to blue. It was amazing…
    Biggest in the sense of the coolest is an experiment which I am still doing nowadays. I shoot my genes of interest into cancer cells using my hand held gene gun. If I successfully shoot my genes into cancer cells, I have the pleasure of a sniper who shot his target. (my gene gun is very safe though and it doesn’t hurt humans)



  1. Thanks Yagiz. Wicked gene experiment!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Biggest experiment / project was building a mooring network for Australia to allow scientists to get a picture of how the oceans move and how they are changing. The work built on other work which started in the 1940’s. My proposal was for $14,000,000 over five years, but we got a funding boost in year 3 that took it to $20M + other intstitutes got involved and brought along another $15,000,000 in effort.