Question: if you hack the biology system in a right way,is there any possibility to make super human or super creature, or cure things like cancer

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  1. Excellent question lightman, and the answer is YES! I hack the biological systems to fully understand how they actually work – once you understand the mechanism, you can do anything. Yes you can cure not only cancer but many other deadly diseases. Creating superhuman from scratch (is possible) might take a lot of years but NASA has already funded a project which synthetic biologists like me are trying to make a superbug that can live in Mars (tolerate extreme radiation, cold and no oxygen) and produce the stuff what we need to live (like oxygen and water). So it is already happening. Obama government is very supportive of synthetic biology projects but there is no synthetic biology labs in Australia so I want to be the one of the first to bring synthetic biology to Australia to contribute on-going cool research to create super-stuff.
    By the way, although we can’t make a super human from scratch, we can alter human genome to gain new skills. For instance there are mutations which give super human strength by increased bone density – these guys are like real X-men 🙂