Question: How does hacking computers work? ive always wondered whay goes on in computers and how you hack them

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  1. You’ll get me banned from this forum 🙂
    OK, just to clarify I’m not hacking computers. Having said that learning how to hack computers absolutely teaches you a lot about programming but I don’t advocate that.
    Thanks to the media, “hackers” gained a terrible reputation. When you say I’m a hacker it is perceived as malicious computer users finding new ways to harass people, defraud corporations, steal information etc… Of course there are hackers with these malicious ideas but they make up only a very small percentage of the hacker community. Real hackers are the pioneers of the computer industry, building everything from small applications to operating systems so in that sense it is safe to say that people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are hackers. Hackers want to understand how computer networks work and find out if there is any barrier between them.
    But how does hacking computers actually work?
    All softwares are made of codes (progamming languages). The most basic code is the binary code which is made of 2 digits “0” and “1”. Different combination of 0 and 1 code for letters which code for more complex codes. Hackers delve through codes looking for an exploitable code, then they write the programs used by the lower tiers, and sometimes they create and exploitable code but they have to do a lot of research and they must have a lot of knowledge to create these tools/exploits. Most of the modern softwares we use are developed with the aid of hackers. However there are people with bad intention whom we call script kiddies. These guys don’t have sufficient knowledge to write or alter codes but instead they use pre-made codes oo exploit tools to infiltrate information – these are the most dangerous hackers who has no understanding of computers.



  1. I know how to hack


  2. Ah okay i was just interested in it all i never knew how it worked thanks for that 🙂