Question: Are there types of cancer that are small and won't be a life or death situation? Or are cancers diseases that are deadly?

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  1. Cancer can be either Benign: This means it is growing abnormally but will not spread and is usually not very dangerous to the patient. Malignant: cells which will grow and spread and has the potential for harm.

    every cancer is different. some grow very fast, and some grow very slowly. some are also more treatable than others.

    Prostate cancer is a good example of a malginant tumour that usually grows so slowly that men with it often die of other causes/old age before the tumour can kill them


  2. Some cancers if you catch early can be easily removed. For example, skin cancers are on the outside of your body and are easier for doctors to remove. Some brain cancers, even if they were caught early may not be easy to remove or treat depending on where they are in the brain. Either way all cancers definitely need to monitors and looked after by your doctor. If a small benign skin cancer becomes malignant and spreads into your body it can make you very sick.


  3. Cancers usually pose a life or death situation if they are aggressive and metastasise from one tissue to another. The least dangerous types of cancers are those which can be early-detected by imaging technologies so that they can be treated or removed. Skin cancers are one example. Colon cancers are also getting easier to detect and I read an article early this year that stomach cancer can be detected early enough so that doctors can treat it.

    @ally11: I have added the pictures of my PC12 (cancer) cells (Fig 4) and PC12 that are differentiated into nerve cells (Fig 5) in me and my work section of my profile, as promised. Enjoy



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