Question: is there any disease that makes you itchy


  1. There are many. Any infection or allergen that causes irritation of the nerve cells under the skin will make your skin feel itchy. some will give you spots which will be the itchiest, like chicken pox which is known to e unsufferably itchy for patients.

    others include, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, hives, sunburn, measles,

    Or itchy skin may be a symptom of an internal disease, such as liver disease or kidney failure, coeliac disease, cancer the list is endless!

    you can even get super itchy skin when you are pregnant, and insect bites can make your skin itchy too


  2. There are a quite number of diseases that makes you itchy. Itchiness can also occur as a result of dry skin or bathing too often. When I was a kid I was taking twice a day (I always loved water) then I started to feel itchy, the more I felt itchy I thought I am not clean enough so I took more showers until I realized taking too many showers was the reason (I went to outback for a week which I didn’t shower at all – I didn’t feel itchy 🙂 )
    But there are also diseases which makes you itchy. Here are few examples: lymphoma, thyroid disease, celiac disease, liver disease


  3. Bites from insects can make you itchy too. Like flies and fleas!